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In fact the only thing I'd disagree with in the above is skilling up "Combat Armor" - the types of ground armor I use at endgame already encounter heavy diminishing returns in their resistance values before any extra buffs, so points in this tend to be wasted. I'd put those points in 'Squad Command' instead to reduce the downtime on Tactical Initiative + Ambush. (My "baseline" Tac gound skillpoint build tends to be 9/9 in 'Weapons Proficiency', 'Grenades' and 'Combat Specialist', 3/9 in 'PS Generator', 'Special Forces' and 'Advanced Tactics', and 6/9 in 'Squad Command' for 66000 points total!)
Agreed, extra points in Squad Command can very beneficial. The reason I run a 6 in the skill "Combat Armor" is for the Elite/Heavy Tactical drone super shot. Not only does combat armor boost your resists, among other things, it also boosts the number of extra health hit points provided by the armor (if the armor provides a boost to max health). The difference between 0 and 9 is significant. If you run a captain with 0/9 in combat armor and go up against the borg in a Mk XII MACO/Omega set, you can be oneshotted by elites/heavies. Sure, there are creative ways to avoid it, but that takes practice. The super shot doesn't even have to kill in a single shot. If the player drops to 10-20% health, they are dead anyway unless they have quick hypo reflexes. I have seen the oneshot/twoshot happen many, many times. When asked about the skill layout, they are always lacking in either PSG or Combat Armor. 3/9 will keep you alive, but in bad shape (20-40% health). 6/9 will prevent the shot from dropping your health below 60%. For players that have run 500+ ground STFs, the super shots may not be a problem (tossing distortion field/shard of possibilities/emergency shield capacitor/weapons malfunction/damper field/rally cry/science heals at the right second), but that takes a lot of practice. For players starting out the extra survivability can be invaluable.

As for the gambling device, I agree it is a nice alternative to the tribbles. However, in using the gambling device you are relying on chance for critical hits rather than straight up damage/damage resistance/willpower buffs from tribbles. It is really up to a player's personal preference which to use here. They have to find a buff that suits their play style and stick with it.

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