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11-29-2012, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by brandonfl View Post
Now, whichever manager is deciding what gets developer priority, is obviously not deserving of his position. Gamebreaking BUGs and Exploits (or non-exploit exploits) should never be allowed to remain, for any length of time.
Has it ever occurred to you that smaller bugs get fixed faster because they're easier to identify and less likely to damage other systems when fixed?

Sometimes larger bugs remain longer because of their complexity; "fixing" them quickly may break something else and cause even more gnashing of teeth on the forums.

Just because a bug is not fixed in a "timely" manner does not mean it is not being worked on or is not the highest priority on the list. It might well just mean that it's harder to fix and will take longer. Rushing out a major fix can be a major mistake.

Since the majority of the game seems to be playable, there apparently are no "gamebreaking" bugs. Parts might be broken or not working as intended, but as a whole, the bulk of the game is perfectly playable. If certain bugs should "never be allowed to remain, for any length of time" leads to them having to take the game down completely until it can be ironed out, that would be far worse than allowing a bug to remain in the live environment while it is being investigated in a test environment.