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I've been playing STO for like nearly a year now (although it doesn't seem that long) but this is my first post on these forums. I hope it's in the right place. I tried searching for an answer to my question on the forums and online beforehand to no avail.

Now, my question is: Do the Star Trek Online Timecards give you just Zen or do they give you temporary Gold Account privileges?
(E.G. the one on Amazon: )

I've been trying to find some physical card (for Christmas) that can give you just Zen (preferably on Amazon or otherwise online). I've also heard that PWE cards can give you Zen but they seem very hard-to-find. So, does anyone know of any online retailers that sell PWE/Star Trek Online Zen cards?

This is the only retailer I could find: (I was hoping for the $25 card )

Thanks in advance.