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11-29-2012, 10:36 AM
I see nothing changed.
The same stupid threads still pop up: "hey, guys, if you only look at damage, the damage-oriented class is stronger!"
You don't say...

Tactical gets no CC/debuff ability whatsoever, no survivability ability whatsoever. None, zero, zilch. So, yes, that means all Tac (Space) abilities are damage-boosters.
If Tac wasn't the best DD (and I'm not so sure it is, tbh), something would be horrendously wrong.

Eng gets mostly survivability abilities (logical for a tank) and some damage-boosters; Sci gets some control, some survivability and some pointlessness.

On balance, the strongest of them all? Sci, by quite a margin. Photonic Fleet sucks, yes; but Subnucleonic Beam and Sensor Scan more than make up for it.