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11-29-2012, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by coldbeer72 View Post
Well, can't afford much when it comes to purples, so am running mostly blues at the moment.
Am an ENG, but running in a sci just seems to work for me, haven't had much success with cruisers, and won't even mention my attempt with an escort.....

Currently running flow cap, shield emitter, and 2 particle gen in sci slots, all mk XI blue and RCS and the weapon power boost one( plasma something or other) in eng slots.

Overall, the vesta seems a lot more 'squishy', i think is the term, than the RSV ever was, death and destruction seems to be a lot more frequent, even running the exact same setup as the RSV. Am not keen to wreck someones elite STF with the way things are going, and used to do them fairly frequently in the RSV, without too many dramas....but that maybe a thing of the past if what i read on the S7 updates is true.....

My bad....sci consoles are assimilated borg, 1 particle gen and 2 shield emitter
You definitely need armor consoles. I run 2x Mk XI blue Neutroniums, anything less tends to make me far more squishy in the Vesta than I like. With how the STFs are at the moment, I still have to hit the shield bubble (3-Piece Vesta set) much more often than I'd like, even with Hull Repairing Nanites from the Reputation system. It'd be a good idea to map Miracle Worker captain ability to an easy to hit button.