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11-29-2012, 11:49 AM
I had mentioned on an earlier thread the history about the voldemort bug.

It did take 1 entire season to fix it last time.

We came up with a theory at TRH that older versions of the game are being patched with new content. Compatibility with these older versions has been of some concern.

The reason for this strategy has both benefits and disadvantages in our view.


New content can be worked on exclusively and applied to older versions in a quicker demeanor rather than a more in depth recoding of the entire game. Reason for new content coming out very quickly rather than before. There was a new content blockage for a whole year almost. They fixed the game, polished up, then sold it to PWE.

This also addresses the limited staff that they have at Cryptic Studios in order to address a lot of problems with the game. However, I somehow doubt they think this is working as much as we think it is.

Whoever made the original versions, made sure they were compatible with later versions of the game. In other words in more "star trek terms" picture the Holodeck server a Trill, picture the patch as a symbiote. They put that weird looking worm in, and hope there will be no side effects. If there are, they look for another host (another version).


They seem to be not at capacity to deal with problems directly. Including balancing of PvP or content. Reason being is that they applied a patch to an older version, and looking for a new version for compatibility is also going to be time consuming.

Where as where one thing breaks in this version, don't be surprised if something else breaks in the next one. It is obvious there is conflicts between the versions being patched.

They will never tell us this is what they're doing. Mainly because, well it's a quick way of running their game.


They could be working on a new game client in the back ground to address this crap once and for all. For all we know that could very well be the client PvPers are looking for, as well as PvE'ers but if you dangle an STF infront of PvE'er they're rolling on the ground laughing in joy. So, really, this could be the case but don't get your hopes up.

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