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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
Not doable with the current values for the different inputs. Just open any project that requires a 'large' sum of Expertise, and fill that one category up. The project will be instantly labeled as 90% complete. Now cancel that, reduce the input values to a generic contribution number, and start a cosmetic project. 180,000 Free Dilithium?

That refunding stuff from fleet projects is a problem, to either the fleet or the original contributors, isn't news. I'll do you one better, and give you an exploit for them to hide behind: Take this same Expertise project, start it, dump in the 'valuable' expertise and collect 1600 fleet credits for 40,000 expertise. Cancel project and restart. Rinse and repeat. 'Free' Fleet Credits.

No refunds are acceptable, though. And as for the exploit, or abusive fleet leadership, the solution is simple: Projects (that aren't filled and actively counting down toward completion) may be canceled no sooner than 7 days after they've been slotted in. All they have to do then is add a project selection timestamp, if there isn't one in there already anyway, and we're completely out of the woods.
That is very simple to avoid, do not just fill the contribution pool with a generic value. Fill it with the number of items that where put into it in the first place.

Cancel a project that puts 1000 dil, 2000 expertise, 100 data samples into the pool, your pool has then the same amount of items in it. And starting a project would first fill it self up from the pool, so no fill project, cancel, start and fill again to generate cheap credits. Sicne it will fill itself first from the already contributed parts.