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11-29-2012, 11:18 AM
I?d truly love to see the war between the KDF and Federation come to an end; however, it would need to be done though story content that is tailored to both Factions and portrays both Factions reasons for ending the war.

Though the story that we?ve been given so far it seems very clear that the KDF was 100% correct about the Undine infiltrating the Alpha Quadrant; however, I believe that it was in fact the Undine themselves that fed the KDF the information about where to find their planted spy?s.

I could see the Undine sacrificing a few of their people to make the Federation look like cowards that failed to honor their alliance with the KDF (which they are) and giving the KDF all the justification in the galaxy to feel that they were disrespected by their blind peace loving allies, hence the war we now fight.

It was also revealed about 2 years ago that the Undine were being manipulated by the Iconians into infiltrating the Alpha Quadrant and both factions know this has fact and still the war continues.

The KDF faction needs new story driven content that shows how they choose to deal with the fact that the Iconians have been pulling the strings of the Empire the Federation and the Undine.

There?s plenty of story that Cryptic could build KDF only content around and plugin to the KDF leveling track so that we can role a KDF Warrior from level 1- max without any leveling gaps.

Put in the KDF tutorial and create 5-10 early missions that deal with the KDF hunting Undine.

They could later add some KDF missions that deal with a potential KDF civil war over the current state of the KDF/Federation war and then a resolution mission arc that either leads to the end of the war or give us all a reason to continue fighting it.

The problem is that Cryptic has shown time after time that the KDF and for the most part the progression of established STO story lines are not something that they are willing to invest resources into.