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11-29-2012, 11:47 AM
Well you can run emergency forcefields, wich i did for a while after giving up on armor - wich makes life a bit easier, but all in all i felt the slots could be put to better use by improving on shield directly.

Thing is if you rely more on shields crew is pretty much only important if faced with boarding parties and such... wich you can blow out of the sky easily running all beam arrays (fire at will).

That being said field emitters are also worth a look because they add to the power rating of the shield, making it more resilient.

In the end i decided to do that with abilities and power settings and simply go for shield points. Seemed the best option to me (field generators).

You need the repair abilities because of the hull hitpoints and the death rate to restore your ship quickly (then again, as being said i play a Tac not an Eng).

Mask energy signature helps of course too, if you want to restore your crew to full without being fired upon. You can still comandeer your BoP pets whilst doing that, but it doesn't work out of combat directly - its not an improved battle cloak.

Another nice idea is running a full borg set. The shield and engine may be lackluster in performance but the hull and shield regen are quite good. In the end i wanted a more powrful engine however, thats why i settled with honor guard shield and the fastest engine i could get my hands on plus a sensor array with a good shield synergy.

I belive Aegis set makes hull tanking viable but got never around to aquire one and test it.

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