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Originally Posted by mustafatennick View Post
Copy and pasted from the fed side

BoP's - i just bought a bop to try one out they are nothing like the feds have. They are a true glass cannon mad dps but without miracle worker and other neat engineering tricks are sphere one shot meal... all the fed ships are not as soft and will never be able to turn/fly like one

Battlecuisers - owning a neghvar and mirror BC, galaxy-r, galaxy - x, regent and odyssey, they are in no way the same fed cruisers couldn't even turn as-well or do as much dps even in a wet wet feddy dream again nothing like the fed side

Carriers - The atrox is a joke i spent 2500 zen on it before i joined the red side and when i flew the voquv and the karfi realized that i had been ripped off big style they are nothing alike

and please don't talk about fed/klink bonding that shiz would just be wrong
If that is meant to be an argument on the factions being different it is pretty poor.

Sure we may have differently handling ships but does that equate to anything substantial within the game?

While a BoP may have the edge in one circumstance an Escort will have it in another. Its all situational.

Also noone plays the game to buy a ship just to fly it around. The ship is just a means to an end. Its like comparing Targs to Hortas. Essentially its meaningless in the grand scheme of the game.