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If you run a captain with 0/9 in combat armor and go up against the borg in a Mk XII MACO/Omega set, you can be oneshotted by elites/heavies. Sure, there are creative ways to avoid it, but that takes practice... ...For players starting out the extra survivability can be invaluable.
That's true. I suppose that if you're starting out, then "every little bit helps" could come into play despite the heavy diminishing returns on damage resistance. And it's a good point about the Health Bonus.

I'm not big into ground combat, but over the course of earning a Mk XII ground set on my Redside Sci I found it became second nature to always be either crouched/sprinting/rolling in STFs. After a few dozen runs the heavy or elite Tac drones became much less of a problem - these days on Engineers and Scis I just plain debuff and out-heal them, and on Tacs I'll keep them bouncing up and down in melee range. As long as you can stay within melee range of the "big" foes (either with a Bat'leth or a firearm) the incidental fire from other enemies tends to be more of an annoyance than a threat...

Given my aversion to investing in superfluous survivability, I'm still not sure if I'd recommend investing any points into the 'Combat Armor' skill... but I suppose it'd at least be worth trying if you find yourself dying in ground combat (and have leftover points after fleshing out your space skills, or a few spare respecs!)

(Note: I should probably point out as a disclaimer that none of my characters are currently heavily "ground-specced", I think the highest has the Soldier passive and 67500 skillpoints invested into ground skills! Although that certainly doesn't stop me from running through PUG Elite Ground STFs...)

As for the gambling device, I agree it is a nice alternative to the tribbles. However, in using the gambling device you are relying on chance for critical hits rather than straight up damage/damage resistance/willpower buffs from tribbles. It is really up to a player's personal preference which to use here. They have to find a buff that suits their play style and stick with it.
I'd agree if the Tribble buffs were more powerful. However their damage buffs are surprisingly low. The highest buff I know of is 2.5% Damage (standard Tribble) or 3.3% (Crossfire Tribble in "Shooter mode" only). The maximum you could get, in theory, would be a team of 5x Tacs with IDIC Tribbles for +12.5% damage.

On the other hand, the Gambling Device grants +10% Critical hit Chance and Severity (which stacks with your captain's base chance/severity, plus the +3% chance from the Reputation passive buff and any extra you might have from weapons/equipment), along with a dodge chance buff (which stacks with Crouch/Sprint/Roll). That translates to a much more effective DPS buff over time than a Tribble, plus a nice survivability increase.

I used Crossfire Tribbles exclusively on several characters, and when I eventually swapped to Gambling Devices there was definitely a noticable increase in my survivability and a decrease in the time it took me to actually kill Borg drones. And that was before the reputation system passives - the higher you can stack up your Critical hit chance, the better it'll get. another aside... since there is now a bit more content at endgame- what about ground equipment for fighting things OTHER than Borg? Personally, I've found myself using the Shield and Weapon from the Mk XII Tholian set, along with the MACO Armor and Rifle...

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