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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
The way you get dps out of these ship are to use good disruptor cannons and turrets.Why use a KDF escort.
To be honest i am not so much on the DPS side. I belive abilities are far more important than raw DPS. I also translate that to armament. On a (battle)cruiser i favour chroniton torpedos for example, even if i know its not doing as much damage. I know it pays off because the dual heavy cannons get more time on target.

DPS is important, certainly, but its not the last word in what a ship can do. Ultimately the real power of a ship comes from its combinations of BO abilities it can field. That pretty much defines its attack options. Klingon BoPs allow a lot of freedom when it comes to this.

And whilst the Fleet Scourge destroyer doesn't offer the universal BO stations it mixes in quite a bit of science abilities, wich is very interesting.