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# 1 The Q Response wants you!
11-29-2012, 12:29 PM
Welcome to The Q Response Recruiting Post

The Q Response Fleet is looking for new member to expand our fun, our reach, resources, and also to simply make conversation. Currently having several active and a few semi-active members. We all like to talk, discuss plans, teaming up in PvE/PVP matches, and help each other when we can. So if your seeking for a new fleet because the one your in isn't giving back, or you're new and looking to be part of a fleet, The Q Response is for you.

We're an International group, although we mainly speak english. New member should be friendly and not to be condescending, except if your joking. Events will begin occurring as the fleet gains more members. Also we try to share gear, if any of us has gear the other wants. We are working towards upgrading our Star Base and embassy to higher Tiers. We will also be creating Foundry Missions, from full storyline types to high intense combat scenarios. Creativity and sociable players are welcomed. Search for four Fleet Members of The Q Response, search for users: Thomas@blackgragon; Lir@lirdek; Jibbies@CaliColt; David@ram86

Thank you for reading and hope you will join.

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