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The 13th Autonomous Battle Group, under special dispensation from Starfleet Command, operates on the Front Lines of the stellar frontier. We act under our own authority to Delay, Distract, and Dispense of any threat to the United Federation of Planets.

Who are we?

We are a newly formed fleet. Our command staff have been in the game since the early stages of the closed beta. We are a close knit group looking to expand our ranks. We engage in all aspects of the game, be it PVP, PVE, STF's, Ground Combat or Space Combat

What do we offer?

A Challenge, as a newly formed fleet we currently lack a Starbase or Embassy, or a hoard of fleet members. We offer a chance to be a part of our STO family and help us create something from the beginning. Help us lay the early building blocks of what we hope will be something truly great.

Our Standards:

We are currently recruiting all types of players, be they wise vets who have seen it all, or new lieutenants that just showed up on ESD, we are taking all classes, ranks, and skill levels. We offer our knowledge, and our help freely to help you better yourselves and our fleet.

If this sounds like a place for you to call home, please contact me in game, @thekalamity, or any member of the 13th Autonomous, or visit our website,


Starbase: Tier 1
Shipyard: Tier 1
Industrial Fabricator: Tier 1
Comm Array: Tier 1
Transwarp Gate: Tier 1

Embassy: W.I.P.
13th Autonomous Battle Group
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