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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Obisek is a major player in this, too, and if New Romulus sides against the Klingon Empire, so will he. The Empire can't militarily afford to have a major tract of territory on their border ally with the Federation, or to squander the efforts they've made to ensure that Obisek didn't join the Federation outright.

This isn't the Romulan Star Empire. It's a different political entity. For an empire that has already shown more than once they won't let bad blood stand in the way of an alliance with Romulus proper, to allow race to do so with an independent faction is beyond childish.
But surely the Klingons would distrust them anyway.

I personally don't trust the Romulans. What is to say the Tal shiar aren't involved with new romulus? It would make sense to lure the other factions in to help them rebuild, once they gain their strength again they strike.

It seems all a bit too convenient for the Romulans to now be open to peace treaties and friendship after centuries of espionage, sabotage and outright asshattery.

Best thing KDF can do is bio-warhead the crap out of them!