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Only one Tactical ability is mostly only availible to Escorts that help them tank "better" than a Cruiser.

Attack Pattern Omega. Escorts can cycle two of them to maintain maximum bonus damage resistance.
Only a few Cruiser have a LTC tac SLot to use ApO1, and they can not cycle them unless they use twin or single ATB1 to keep it rolling.

Only one special defense bonus is given to escorts to help them tank. They recieve 10% more Bonuse defense when moving at an attack speed. Cruiser are 10% less.
THis is meant to reflect that an escort, like a fighter, has a betetr chance to juke and evade than a massive Cruiser in combat.

If a cruiser dies quick in PvE then they are doing something wrong because that is all that really sperates them from escort in PvP and the NPC's in this game do not hit near as effectively as a human to be a threat in 90% of the game. The other 10% is not that much stronger since it relies on 1-shots to kill the player more than anything else.
I was actually thinking of Attack Pattern Delta as a devensive bonus though mostly the fact that practically every escort is going to be running two copies of Tactical Team 1 which is a much more effective "defense" bonus than running around because your shields soak so much of your damage and you've efffectively increased your shield HP by a factor of four everytime you use it.

I suppose I should use an example for what I mean by effective tanking - in Khitomer Space Normal when you blow two generators a pair of Spheres show up. Before the latest buff to the Borg I could do this with an escort and blow away both spheres while taking moderate damage. In the same amount of time I could take on one with a cruiser and sustain only moderate damage. While hull HP would be lower on the escort at no point would I have had to disengage and heal.

With the cube that shows up in the Elite version my Escort will take more damage true, but it's ability to soak damage is still sufficient to allow it to sit and hammer away at the Cube until it's dead.

That is what I mean when I say that an escort can tank just as/more effectively than a cruiser. Not that it can soak total damage batter than a cruiser, but that it's effective ability to soak damage is equal to or greater than a cruiser's.

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