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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
I see nothing changed.
The same stupid threads still pop up: "hey, guys, if you only look at damage, the damage-oriented class is stronger!"
You don't say...

Tactical gets no CC/debuff ability whatsoever, no survivability ability whatsoever. None, zero, zilch. So, yes, that means all Tac (Space) abilities are damage-boosters.
If Tac wasn't the best DD (and I'm not so sure it is, tbh), something would be horrendously wrong.

Eng gets mostly survivability abilities (logical for a tank) and some damage-boosters; Sci gets some control, some survivability and some pointlessness.

On balance, the strongest of them all? Sci, by quite a margin. Photonic Fleet sucks, yes; but Subnucleonic Beam and Sensor Scan more than make up for it.
FAW + AP:Beta is the rough equivalent of sensor scan, FAW + APelta will give you a bit more surviability with the same damage output. Although sensor scan was buffed with the damage reduction DOFF but still. Yes you get no scattering field but there is enough resists that it doesn't matter that much. Tactical initiative will keep ALL of your Boff abilities charging faster. Need that target to drop? Hit it with fire on my mark.

They should boost photonic fleet to do more damage based on your AUX levels. That would only be logical.