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Originally Posted by dwadsdwad View Post
I actually think a combined faction is pretty realistic.


Because Cryptic acknowledge they have a very poor PvP system that noone partakes in (I blame the messy queue system mainly) and they have openly said they are unsure as to whether they will actually try and implement something half decent or just abandon it.

With no PvP you have no representation of any conflict whatsoever. How can you be at war with someone without actively combating them?

Best thing they can do for STO is to continue doing what they are with the Feds, release KDF content from a KDF stand-point (doesn't need to be as much as Feds tbh, just true KDF content), potentially release a third and final faction (any more than 3 is ridiculous, also id probably imagine a 'neutral' faction would be better. Then again Romulans can still be the piggy-in-the-middle I guess) and then add a 'tug-of-war' type contested pvp area (neutral zone) where factions fight over something other than just 'for the sake of it' (id probably suggest some sort of resources to enable the faction to buy awesome gear/consumables).

Its easier said than done I know but it is what needs to be done.

Heck if I could id work on STO myself but frankly I lack the skills and ofc don't work for Cryptic... Im always open to offers though if you need a new janitor
So combining the factions will force me to play a klingon looking toon without any identity whatsoever, and pvp against my own kind.

Feds will still get more ships, and the grind will have a faction neutral face on it. The game will be more boring than it is now. OOOOOhh, I know- more missions with AI foes (that are already stupid beyond belief).

Ya, great idea there.
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