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Originally Posted by dma1986 View Post
Sure you're trying to use the right ones? You need the hangars bought from the shipyard.

I thought it was Cryptic's policy to stay out of intra-fleet politics?

Even if it's not, I have to politely disagree with your stance of not allowing the entire community access to a feature because it may be abused by a small minority, and those fleet leaders that do abuse it will soon find themselves alone in their fleet.
I have to agree with DMA. Cancelling a major project like that would be a super-dic move. The fleet leader would have to shoot themself in the foot to do it.

@ Bareel: actually, those give such a pathetic amount of FC that it's kinda pointless.

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MMOs aren't charities. Corporations are supposed to make a profit. It's what they do.

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