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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
So combining the factions will force me to play a klingon looking toon without any identity whatsoever, and pvp against my own kind.

Feds will still get more ships, and the grind will have a faction neutral face on it. The game will be more boring than it is now. OOOOOhh, I know- more missions with AI foes (that are already stupid beyond belief).

Ya, great idea there.
It wasn't a suggestion, it was foresight.

I personally think it would be a horrendous day if/when that happens. The KDF need to be exactly what they are, unique.

The Federation story is told fairly well (if you ignore the fact that it has nothing to do with what starfleet strive for) yet the Klingons always seem to be roped into the same content with the same decisions being made and the same outcomes because of that.

Essentially there is nothing different from my VA Federation toon to my LG KDF toon. Obviously one is blue and one is red but other than that the story has been the same. Sure there have been slight alterations in dialogue but I have done exactly the same thing as I did on the previous toon.

My first moment of 'whats going on here?' was the Defera stuff. I really don't understand why the KDF would try and help out a clearly inferior species for little to no gain. The Breen were doing what the KDF would have done, enslave the Deferi and get them mining for the Empire. They would oppress the Defera and basically turn them into a slave nation.

If that had actually happened it would have made the Federations plight against the Klingons a little better too I feel.

As it is the KDF rush in to help something meaningless for no gain to the Empire. There is a lot more work involved in cooperating with the Defera than there is in simply overpowering them, especially given that their defensive capabilities are non-existant. Let them contemplate the galaxies balance while they mine out their dilithium veins for the Empire.