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Originally Posted by timjerrom View Post
Please don't all hate me internet Trolls, but the space combat in this game could do with a littl more having a Star Trek feel to it. Having less ships but harder to destroy, mostly 1 on 1 + with a litl more ship coms to it? Also crazy idea have no idea how you could do this but wouldnt it be cool if you could zoom right into inside your bridge! Star Trek Academy had this and would make a great update don't you think fellow players....

PWE you read it now do it.... set explosive consoles that will kill our boffs in first minutes of combat , crapy shields that cant stand long battles , put settings of borg NPC to impossible or very very very hard so they can be only destroyed from fleet of 50 ships or more , set the rules of federation on 100% so we cant engage somebody without diplomacy/self defense and give us warp breach few times in combat.

Im evil and i love it .