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Originally Posted by gornthehunter View Post
why do the klingon carriers have better ships then fed?
i mean really ?
You will find that throughout the game the KDF gets a few better things. Their cruisers are generally considered to be better, as are their carrier pets. You will also find the KDF has far FAR superior resource generation than the Feds. Finally, while there is some disagreement its generally agreed that the KDF has better consoles on some of their C-store ships.

As to why this all happens... Its pretty much Cryptic's way to make it up to the KDF for not giving them a full level progression and non KDF centric content. You'll notice most of the content meant for both factions seems bland for the Feds but EXTRA bland for the KDF.

Personally I do not agree with this type of "balancing out" since all it does is create resentment on both sides, but for good or ill Cryptic has decided to stick to it.

Hope this answers your question OP.