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# 1 Graphic FX Stuttering
11-29-2012, 03:37 PM
Well, after S7.. it seems when I am in the game, certain FX load stalling seems to be happening.

Example, in the Cure (space), when rotating about to check on Kang, STO seems to freeze a second.. then catch up. Also, It seems sometimes when firing at a enemy, some of the weapon do not fire.. (auto)

Went as far as lowering all FX to low, and still kinda happens. (on a Strabase 24.. when asteroids pop up, minor stuttering)

Running the latest Nvidia Drivers... 306.97, Win 7 with 8GB on a TI 560.

Just looking for any suggestions, otherwise, might try to hunt down previous drivers.. see if a rollback makes a difference.


Adml Matt