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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
somehow that does not surpise me, but it is not tragic. On the other hand it is very confusing to read such a thread coming from an "official" STO beta tester, that is giving other people actually advice on their builds. But never mind, always glad to help.

a) look at the exchange, there are some very rare MK X that are actually NOT bind on equip, means you can sell them again on the exchange. atleast there used to be.
b) the new romulan embassy actually has improved fireteam kit for fleet credits and dilithium
c) buy the rare version from the NPC on ESD that sells the ground consumables (the one close to the tailor on ESD) it is a little weaker but still good enough and cheap.

or d) there is a mission that rewards kits for each class

a full list of where to get them is here

PS: they were really, really cheap to get with EDC, etc...thats where i got mine

PPS: a little more info could help me, help you: what class, what ship, current gear...that would make things much easier
I was considering do this getting through dilthium at K7 but ESD will do.

I ma fine when it comes to space I just wanted to hear your comments on it .
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