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# 1 The Rep system (my two cents
11-29-2012, 04:09 PM
Over all I admit that they are good. it saves time for to get omega equipment and all of that. but here's my opioion on it. I wish they made it account wide. Hell i don't mind having to put in the same amount of stuff that i already do. i just wish i could do it from one toon. there wouldn't be any lost of what i need it would still be the same. just having to go on five toons sucks. i don't know if its just me but on some toons it seems harder to get then another. account wide and all omega/rommie marks be in one account wide bank or being able to transfer the marks over to the toon i need it on. that would be awesome. but honestly i feel like STO has become a job.. my request/question is this.. would it be possible to have all the reps for account wide be accessible from one toon with all marks as well or yeah just make it account wide.... Devs/Gms/someone who can give a perfect answer that would actually make sense. please. i'm all ears.. or on here at least i'm all eyes