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Originally Posted by lordmalak1 View Post
So combining the factions will force me to play a klingon looking toon without any identity whatsoever, and pvp against my own kind.

Feds will still get more ships, and the grind will have a faction neutral face on it. The game will be more boring than it is now. OOOOOhh, I know- more missions with AI foes (that are already stupid beyond belief).

Ya, great idea there.
Welcome to fan Segregation Trek Online it sounds like.
Where in the spirit ( as far as some have said before) of The Great Bird of the Galaxy ( is that the correct quote?) you too will experience a grand adventure in the humans Only Club as your races monetary resources are confused, social dynamics over written and moral outlook is replaced to suit the united consumption of semi-sporadic releases of new federation aproved content in both random boxed and free .......

At this point the mind goes numb and mutterings of, "z..en. zen. must buy ..zen" start and the game feels creepy.
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