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11-29-2012, 05:22 PM
I'm experiencing the same but on a lesser degree. I'm running dual 580s and have it set for DX11 beta. Not gonna lie the Season 7 patch did something to the gfx engine. I occasionally get a pixel shader error at the launch of the game in the lower left hand corner of the screen. All my settings are maxed but enabling vertical sync seems to take a chunk out of the stuttering. The stuttering isn't bad enough to ruin my game but can be annoying at times. Focus on the combat and you will hardly notice it. Your 560 should be more than enough to handle this game at max if you haven't set to DX11 try it out. Running on DX9 seemed to have more problems for me.

Drivers are 306.97 Windows 8 Pro with 6GB of RAM