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If you're not teaming too often I'd take RSP over Aux2SIF, it's still a ridic strong skill and its only real counters are either kinetic or a Tac/Sci combo who both know what they're doing. Aux2SIF is also aux-reliant (so if your aux is procced off you're boned) while RSP isn't really dependent on anything. Once you're comfortable flying your ship you can also pull off some nifty psychological tricks when GDF is off cooldown.

Two-piece Borg and your Hazards are more than you'll ever need for keeping your hull primed.
Ah right I see. Thanks muchly for that. I wondered if I was unitentionally gimping myself with the 3-piece Jem set. That, and most of the fleet mates that I PvP with are Tacs, so cross-healing is somewhat minimal at times. I shall adjust my set up accordingly and see how it works out. Maybe one day I won't suck at flying it!



Now, half the time I'm okay, and can go a complete round without dying. Other times, particularly against Klingons, I tend to melt like a snowflake in an oven... I'm sure it's something I've done wrong, or sub-optimised somewhere, so am looking for advice as to where that could be.

My current spec and BOff stations here.

Currently outfitted with the following;

Fore weapons: 2x Mk X Polaron DHC [Acc]x2 [CrtH], 2x Mk XI Polaron DHC [Acc]x2 [CrtD]
Rear weapons: 1x Mk XI Polaron Turret [Acc]x2 [CrtH], 2x MK XI Polaron Turret [Acc]x2 [CrtD]
Deflector: Mk XI Assimilated Deflector
Engines: Mk XI Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines
Shield: Mk XI MACO Resilient Shield
Engineering: Borg Assimilated Console, Mk XII Ablative Armour, Mk XI Neutronium Armour, Mk XI Neutronium Armour
Science: Mk XII Field Generator
Tactical: 2x Mk X Polaron Phase Modulator, 3x Mk XI Polaron Phase Modulator

My DOffs: 1x Hamlet, 2x SDO (BFI), 2x Horatio Technicians.

Any thoughts as to where I'm going wrong?
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-Sela now has a cape.
-She'll be starring in a 3-part miniseries on the Elements Network (Entertainment for Romulan Women) called "How Sela Got Her Cape Back". It's a feel-good story about women's empowerment and the importance of a good wardrobe for military leaders.

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