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That statement is painfully true. I can only hope that the upcoming ability to convert Marks into Dilithium makes this all worthwhile, or I can't see myself having much reason to log on.

Cryptic, please make the conversion of Marks give a high enough amount of Dilithium to give me reason to keep playing.
Conversion rate will be 50 Marks to 500 dilithium. Elite STFs give 60 marks (75 with the optional) plus their base 960 dilithium and 1 BNP. 5 BNP = 1000 dilithium. Assuming you run STFs in groups of 5, you will earn (960*5) + 1000 + [(60*5 /50)*500] = 8800 dilithium. FIVE Elite STFs a day and you will have 8800 dilithium. And that doesn't account for the extra 75 marks you would make if you get the optional on each one. I don't know about you, but I can get through all but cure ground in 15-20 minutes. So in 100 minutes you will have more than the max cap for dilithium. I think that sounds very nice.