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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
This discussion is pointless, they will never turn a social hub into a a PvP zone. Bullies are inherent cowards, whether in a school yard or in a game, they won't attack someone they know can defend themselves, they won't start anything with an armed group, they will wait until they can single their victims out and there is no way that a defense can be in constant preparedness.
The problem with this is that "death" in this game carries NO penalty and they will simply continue griefing you.

You can still zone chat while "dead", You can also PM, local and, team.

So while they're down they can still laugh and rip on you, then when they come back they just start again, ultimately they'll be getting what they want, a reaction from you and they'll be taking YOUR TIME by forcing you to take however little or much time and effort as is required to deal with them for the 15 seconds it takes them to respawn and come at you again.

As long as you're responding to them, they're getting what they want. Even if that response is a MK XII Elite FLeet Pulsewave to the face.