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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
The problem you are encountering is way the passive display works. When you are on the ground, your ground passives are in effect, but your space passives are not. There is no reason for them to be. When you are in a space map (NOT sector space), the space passives are in effect and the ground passives are not. If you have 99 in weapons prof with the omega buff, it will be 129 when you are on the ground, but it will appear as 99 while you are in space. It is the same reason that diplomatic immunity does not "stick" while you are on the ground.
Sign okay I guess ill make it very very very clear

My Shield System skill sits at 99 and increases to 125.5 which is my bonus from maco gear when in space

which means I AM NOT GETTING MY PLUS +30 from rep

and i tested this by stripping my ship and went to space ie my comment its NOT A SPACE THING it sat at 99

so could I just re iterate my question, is this a display error or a game mechanics problem DEVs Please

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