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Most of my least favorites have already been mentioned for valid reasons ^^

-Bajorans.. made DS9 unbearable for the first season or two, prophets blah suffering blah soil reclamers.. shoot me now please!

-Catians/Feresans, kitty cat people in space? excuse me i have to cough of a hairball.. >.<

-Kazon, the only way i can see them, is klingons without as good technology, but more scrub-ish than biker-ish.. bland and uninteresting

-klingons for the sole reason ever other sentence.. 'honor' this and 'honor' that.. gawd.

Other ideas..
-Humans!!!, lets be honest, some of dem admirals..

-Vulcans for the same reason as klingons.. 'logic' this 'logic' that, while spock was definative, every vulcan since has almost been a carbon copy, just with a few differences :/

-Bolians... damn you chell!

-'zakdorn' featured in the TNG episode where enterprise faces Hathaway in combat exercises, that alien who played strategema.. GRAH annoying! >.<

-Talaxians, do i need to say anything

-Hirogen annoyed me a bit too, similar to the klingon/vulcan gripe, they just seemed lacking and 2dimentional when EVERY sentence is about the Hunt.. bleh.

I forgot one of my most despised encounters of a TNG episode

-Tamarians, "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" interesting idea for anlien language but DEAR GOD, so annoying

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