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11-29-2012, 07:38 PM
Seriously who does the federation starbase content? Decorators worst nightmare, I mean damn... I could come up with better design in my sleep. This just screams scam, recycle and more scam. The Dilithium gouge continues.

"We consider 25 player fleets big fleets" but oh wait, "100 member fleets can easily handle the dilithium load" except they can't, you guys haven't a clue.

If I pointed to the full moon, in a clear night, you'd probably overlook it, and look at the sparkly xmas tree lights on someones house. "We don't see a moon, we see snow and lights! LYING COMMUNITY MEMBERS!!!"

Oh for the love of.............

PS: Cryptic I know you want to save the planet, BUT RECYCLING GAME CONTENT DOESNT DO THAT.

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