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Originally Posted by stonefyre View Post
xsharpex is basically suggesting that you spend tons of credits on "mandatory" conn officers so you can run Torp Spread I instead of a second Tact Team I. No, don't do that, just slot the second copy of Tact Team, you can use the one higher level torp spread and you'll be happier and richer for it.

But do replace one of those AP Betas with an AP Omega, possibly in the Cmdr slot (APO III). If you think you're damage output is weak, you'll find Omega makes a huge difference. And it gives you a critical tractor beam immunity in STFs.
If you really want that immunity you should just use PH1 or 2. BETA 3 is ideal for max damage. I don't think it works on shields but it's more than worth using over APO3 or APO1. If you have doubt in your heart about this make it a point to try KAS normal or elite and try both. You're going to see your pewpew strength go through the roof with beta 3. When I did this myself APO3 proved to be painfully slow in comparison while soloing the gens and gates.

Without conn officers with 15% AP to reduce timers I would use beta 1 to go with 3, 2 CRFII, 1 HYII, 1 HY1, and 1 TTI with 2x purple TT conn officers which aren't THAT expensive to obtain and possibly the best money you can spend to up your DPS(debatable against purple doffs for torps but frankly both 2x and 3x will be the best option period for damage output) until you can get 3x of the other conn officer types. Without using two purple COs for TT you will lose a HY or a CRF or a AP, whatever you choose in favor of using a second TT.

I use:

Comm: TT1 HY2 CRF2 APB3
Lt Comm: TT1 HY2 CRF2 with APO3 to switch it around with the first when needed i.e. PVP

I'm pretty set on this being the best possible choice with 3x cannon + torp + turrets for DPS. I also carry two tac BOs for volley and torp spreads + APO3 for AoE kills, and I have a all cannon build with volley 1s or TT2 replacing HY2s. I use x3 CO AP 15% DOFFs with the other two slots depending, for borg I use tholian borg doff. Beyond that I'm torn but I think overall torp doffs are the way to go with shield doffs leading the way with a survival mindset/all cannon. Cannon doffs sound great and all but they're worthless imho without 2-3 of them guaranteeing a constant global cooldown so you can load just one copy of CRF + one CSV.

So you have this to go by as a guide for DD boff ability tiers, PVE with 1x torpedo launcher:

Tier 0 - you suck

Tier 1 - No good DOFFs to speak of or less than ideal

Comm: TT1 HY2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm: TT1 APB1 CRF2

Tier 2 - 2x purple TT DOFFs + 3x purple torp DOFFs

Comm: TT1 HY2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm: HY1 APB1 CRF2

Tier 3 - 3x purple AP 15% DOFFs + 2x purple torp DOFFs or 1x borg + torp vs borg or 2x shield for survival or whatever for the last two slots

Comm: TT1 HY2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm: TT1 HY2 CRF2

w/o torps replace HY2 with CSV1 or use TT2 and let an ensign slot rot if you know volleys aren't needed, for ex:

Comm: TT1 TT2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm: xxxx APB1 CRF2

w/ AP doffs:

Comm: TT1 TT2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm: xxxx CSV1 CRF2


Comm: xxxx TT2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm:xxxx TT2 CRF2

w/o AP doffs but with TT doffs:

Comm: xxxx TT2 CRF2 APB3
Lt. Comm: xxxx APB1 CRF2

Now that no one's confused, let's move on!

The above is my current favorite cookie cutter setups. My choice may change tomorrow. But my selections with torps and without torps are pretty solid and perhaps the very best options. I don't hold much faith in tier 3 versions of rapid fire or volley or torps. All three obviously do more damage than the previous two tiers but they can't really touch Attack pattern damage boosts and they seem lackluster when paired with tier 1 and 2 of APs when compared to tier 3 APs paired with tier 1 and 2 of rapid fire and high yield torps. But like I said, for me this might change tomorrow. Once I figure out the math and once and for all decide which is better, for example: CRF3 and CRF2 + beta2 vs CRF2 x2 + beta3. But I'm already pretty sure the latter wins out.

Of course this all changes depending on what you're trying. For example, if you're rolling with a torpedo boat for some reason and packing all torp consoles, you're obviously going to want 2x HY3 and so on but that's for another discussion because I just got bored with this post and am going to play fail Madden for the rest of the night after I temp log into STO to check DOFF assignments. My 49ers need some attention after three straight days of hardcore MMO gaming.