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11-29-2012, 07:50 PM
General rule of thumb for Capital Ships (Bortas, Odysseys):

  1. They are designed for prolonged combat, not hit and run tactics.
  2. Bigger ships do not mean bigger guns - just more energy to use them.
  3. They can dish out and take significant damage over time. Especially the klingon ships. Their survivability are damned near epic when compared to thier fed counterparts.
  4. They are slow elegant beasts. Better for engineer's and science IMO than tac.
  5. They are effective against multiple large targets at the same time.
  6. They are MASTERFUL under the command of an engineer, as a TANK, tying up an opponent or small fleet while your team-mates destroy them. Under a sci toon, they can be the ultimate support ship.

As a generic Tac player, klingons are better for overall damage than fed - even more so in a BOP. Bops have a cloak and are perfectly suited for stylized hit and run attacks.

I run with a Siege Destroyer - the Gurumba. For overall sustained output, she's pretty good, and has a lance for those stubborn gateways and nanite generators.

My two bits worth.

Admiral Thrax