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Hi guys,

the first space rules meeting is about to come.

December 7th 2012 23:00 UTC+ 1 ( German Time )

TS3 info: Eryon TS3 ( info comes per ingame mail )

( added December 6th: for every rules meeting we will allow 1 random person ( from a fleet not listed below ) to join )

The people listed below please reply to this thread so I know that you can make or not.

Pax Turkish RP
Bieber Sad Pandas
Regulus Lag Ind
Helsing RE
Soveliss SVK
Hilbert TSI
Aiden SOB
Pheo Xtreme
Drfrontiers 528th

Reserve Space

hulkhogan La Familia
Chancea Temporal Guards

Best regards

Eryon The300/110th
Gallileos 106th

p.s. duration probably 2 hours - Ground Rules Meeting comes a little later
Nova Aurora Polaris
- Nova Aurora Polaris -

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