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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
There is always going to be a very good chance that an incoming High Yield Plasma torpedo will kill you outright, if it was fired from a Cube or Tac Cube. This is as designed, because they are easily countered by destroying them before they reach the intended target. They can also be outran, by using powers that increase your speed (like Evasive Maneuvers, e.g.).

I've performed extensive testing of targetable torpedo types, alongside our FX team, to ensure that they are not subject to the same FX drop-off issues that cause the infamous "Invisible Torpedo" -- it simply does not happen. This is because the shiny, glowy green HY Plasma balls are not FX, they are Costumes. They will not turn invis, they will not drop off because of excessive particle visuals going off in your vicinity. They may become difficult to see because of FX clutter, but I can guarantee that they are not invisible.

Torpedo Spreads - that's another issue altogether, and one that is currently under review for further tweaking.

The FX drop-off issue in general is something we've been seeking a tech fix for, for a long time now. It was brought to the forefront of our concerns when we rolled out the 20-man Starbase Defense events/missions, and saw it in full swing even in skirmishes taking place on the outlying areas of the map. There is no quick fix for this issue, and it's something we continue to struggle to overcome. The best we can offer at this time, is that it's a limitation we are aware of, and that we do our best to work with when creating and tuning content and encounters.
I don't understand why you can't just increase the draw cap. Other MMOs have far far more on-screen players and objects and they just don't have this problem.

Nor do I understand your claim that you "design content with this in mind". Recent content features a very great abundance of carriers, fighter pets and projectile weapons. By adding more carriers, fighter pets and other small objects, you are actively making the problem worse and causing more players to experience invisitorps by pushing them over the draw cap.

Regarding Borg plasma, I struggle to understand your position. You can't tell a bunch of players that what they are routinely seeing (and makes normal play very frustrating) isn't real. Either you're not looking for yourself, you're not understanding what you're seeing, or you're misrepresenting the facts.

Either way, your response is sadly just not very helpful. You'd have been better off being honest, or at least acknowledging that the problem probably exists in some form, something objectively obvious even to a non-player for the simple reason that so many obviously qualified players are complaining about it.

Another possible fix might be to just do in STO what is done in other MMOs such as TERA and WoW which is to form fixed group compositions based on class roles and make sure that every STF group has a qualified cruiser tank with plasma armor.

Honestly I found your response disappointing in the greatest degree because I was hoping that your design intent was to reinforce class roles, which would be a good thing and serve to balance escorts with cruisers. But what you say seems to indicate that if that is happening, it is an unintended positive consequence, and therefore not by design. This is unfortunate and I can only say it does not reflect well on you.

Please understand what I say here is meant as completely honest and constructive and I think you would do yourself well to internalize it.

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