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11-29-2012, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by dm19delta View Post
Gind is not going away. This is something you can either accept and try to suggest ways to make it worthwhile, or you can just get so bored and fed up with it that you rage quit, and PWE doesn't care if you rage quit because there are more than enough players that will put up their hard earned money to get those new shineys.
PWE's strategy is to convince players to stay and give them $$$ through bullying and appeals to nihilism.

Part of that strategy is spinning the idea of giving them $$$ as somehow a respectable use of one's "hard earned money" if anyone who actually respected their money would spend it in such a way.

Do they care if players quit? I would think so. After all, they spend so much effort trying to bully players into not doing so, even as they see the exodus widen.