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Charged Particle Burst could be explained as releasing a bunch of charged particles in all directions, and if those particles were to hit an object (such as a cloaked ship) the ship that launched and tracked the particles would detect the collision and therefore know an object was located at that point.

We also have a sort of canon example of Gravity Well in the form of Spock's Red Matter probe, used to deal with a supernova.

For Scramble Sensors, since ships rarely if ever have an actual visual mode of detection (the viewscreens were still based on scanners), they must rely on IFF transponders and scan images of ships. If someone managed to confuse those transponders and scanners, it could result in targets "switching sides." I realize this is a weak defense for the ability, it's the only thing that really comes to mind.

I haven't looked closely at Energy Siphon's visuals for a while, but I thought it was a beam fired from the deflector, not a probe?

From Memory Alpha regarding Hull Polarization: "In the 24th century, starships still occasionally polarized their hull plating, though not typically as a defensive countermeasure. One example was disrupting an enemy's tractor beam by rotating the frequency of the hull plating's electromagnetic field. Ships also sometimes polarized their hull plating to help mask their sensory signature, which worked by interfering with the enemy's sensors. (DS9: "In Purgatory's Shadow"; VOY: "Equinox, Part II")"

For Viral Matrix, transmitting a virus to another ship in order to mess with their computer systems seems like a pretty good plan, given that they rely entirely on those systems for pretty much everything. It's not so much the basic concept as a delivery method and reuse. How would you get something to the ship to deliver the virus? Direct transmissions wouldn't likely work, I'm sure that form of electronic warfare would have been dealt with very early with this sort of technology level. And you can't usually use the same virus twice, same as in current day computers, since anti-virus software gets updated to deal with new threats all the time. Again, from Memory Alpha: "In 2154, the warp matrix of the Enterprise was compromised by a subroutine planted by a group of Klingon Augments. The subroutine also compromised the starship's command protocols. (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence")

Prior to his open defection to the Maquis in 2372, Michael Eddington planted cascade viruses in Deep Space 9 and the USS Defiant's computers. This allowed him to disable the Defiant at a critical time. Fortunately, Odo was able to find and delete the one in the station's computers before it could be activated. (DS9: "For the Uniform")"

As for the others, no quick defense comes to mind, but we already know STO had to play loose with canon for the sake of gameplay, and if science was left with only the above then they wouldn't have enough abilities to go around. Tyken's Rift, at least, comes from canon as a natural occurance, and could be explained away by the advancement of technology leading up to STO.

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