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11-29-2012, 09:01 PM
I've posted some info about these in a couple other threads, but I don't mind helping to spread the word, as it were.

To begin, they, the DOFFs do not require any provisions. The BOFFs do however.

Both the DOFFs and BOFFs are stupid-expensive, especially at the higher rarities. The purple DOFFs are 125k FCs, and the purple BOFFs are 120k FCs and 30k Dil (or somewhere in that really high range).

Green BOFFs are like 40k FCs and 10k Dil, and green DOFFs are 7,500 FCs. Can't remember the prices for blues, but somewhere in the middle of both of those.

The Romulan BOFFs all have a unique ground trait, which provides a bonus to their crits and exposes I believe, called Subterfuge. A few have some rarer abilities, like torp spread 3, and Energy Siphon 3, but the only truly unique stuff is that the purple science ones, have a trait called Stasis Specialist, which improves on their best ground skill, Stasis Field 3.

Aside from that, normal skills, good traits (all ground though), and that's about it.

The DOFFs...are also disappointing, two of them at least.

One science DOFF (can't remember the class), adds electrical damage to Stasis Field when you use it (because the Xenobiologist kit has it). The hold isn't broken though from that damage. Pretty dumb still, considering how EASY it is to break the hold regardless, not to mention Xenobiologist isn't a good kit in the first place.

A transporter officer, reduces cooldown on consumable ground pets. Namely the new Romulan and Reman security teams. Might work on others, but honestly, if you even cared, the times you would want to reduce CDs on those, you will be with a tac who can use tac initiative, OR you are that tac who can do that in the first place. Pretty much not wasting space on though.

Now...the best of the three is a new Security Officer. It provides a proc anytime you use Ambush, to boost your damage resistance (not on shields, just health). You can equip up to three as well. Not to mention Fire Team is the new kit from the Embassy, making it even more worth while to use. The only real limiting factor to these DOFFs at higher rarity is their huge FC cost.

So there's the new BOFFs and DOFFs in a nutshell.