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# 108 29th Century Uniforms
11-29-2012, 09:15 PM
Patch notes: Nov. 30,2012
The 29th Century Uniforms, Wells for Fed and Korath for KDF, have been released to the Lobi Store, at the price of 200 Lobi Crystals.
Why??? I was going to buy that with Zen when it came out!

Why do they do add all new costumes to the stupid Lobi store? Simple: They can get more money out of us from buying Master Keys to get the crystals than if they had a set price in the Zen store.

Zen store it would cost 550 Zen ($5.50 USD)

If you are really unlucky and get the minimum 4 Lobi Crystals from ever single lock box you open it would go something like this:

200 Crystals needed
4 Crystals per box = 50 Keys
10 Key bundle times 5 = (1125 Zen per 10 Key bunle) 5625 Zen
5625 Zen = $56.25 USD

Granted you are going to get lucky and earn more Lobi Crystals sometimes from some boxes. The $56.25 figure is based on bad luck and gaining the minimum 4 Crystals per box. It may not cost quite that much in keys but the simple fact is: You are going to be paying a lot more to earn Lobi Crystals than what it would cost to just buy the costume in the Zen store.

Shuttles in the Lobi Store cost 300 Crystals, more than a costume. All shuttles/small craft in the Zen store are 500 Zen each; it actually costs LESS Zen than a costume in the C-store and costs MORE in the Lobi store than a costume.

Now for a special full sized starship in the Lobi store you're looking at 800 Crystals each. The $56.25 figure is for a costume that costs 200. Do the math.

Another thing to remember: (To my knowledge) All costumes and ships in the C-store (for Zen) are account wide unlocks. You only have to purchase it once. Everything in the Lobi store is single character only. Which means you need to open boxes on multiple characters (Lobi Crystals are character bound, not account) to purchase the ships/costumes for each character.

So at most with really bad luck on how many Crystals you get from each box, if you have multiple toons you're looking at paying a total max of $56.25 USD PER character just to get a costume. With really good luck you are still looking at paying a lot more for the Lobi Store costume than in the C-store AND you have to do it on multiple characters instead of paying ONCE and having it unlocked permanently for all of them.

Does this make sense? All new costumes lately have been placed in the Lobi store. As well as new ships (Temporal ships/shuttle, Ferengi Shuttiel, etc.), excluding ship bundles such as the Vesta line.
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