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Originally Posted by admgreer View Post
There is another thread called 3 reasons the borg are over powered and there is a responce from a programmer saying they now believe that there is something wrong with the Borg Torps and they are going to fix it. He stated that there should be no one shot kills from the Borg torps.
We'll see what happens.

I've heard that borg torps, isometric charge and one shot abilities in general were being "brought in line" in one form or another for months on end.

We've gone from bad to worse at this point.

Nothing has gotten better, and Borg NPCs across the board all have several ways of basically removing a player character in a matter of seconds at this point.

> Cubes and Gates no longer have limited firing arcs.
> We have now have 3 completely different issues with Torpedos being able to one-shot players, one of which is apparently design intended as per Bort's post.
> We have borg, and KDF NPCs, still currently using one hit kill capable, AoE, Isometric charges.
> We have massive, stacking, hull plasma fires that seem to be way out of balance. 700 per tick is the norm, I've seen irregular tick spikes up to 7k while fielding 3 Neutroniums. Laughably, if you manage to survive the endless hammering of 30k to 60k torp spreads, or invisi-torps, or 300k+ damage HYT III torps - you get to eat a, stacking, hull plasma fire proc afterwards
> We've been forced to either run one of the poorer shields available (borg) or simply lose a Shield Heal Proc, Hull Cleanse Proc, Shield Drain proc ability all wrapped in one.

So I'll believe it when I see it.

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