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11-29-2012, 10:07 PM
You don't quite understand what the "Unique" tag here means.

As canis36 said, it means you can only have one, period. The Ophidian Cane is tagged "Unique", so you can only have one. You can't get another no matter how much you whine.

Similarly, the Point-Defense Console is not tagged Unique. You can fill up your personal inventory with as many of those consoles as you want. But you still can't equip more than one per ship.

Or, as an even better example, the pre-Season7 Assimilated Console. They are not Unique. You cannot have more than one equipped per ship.

The only reason you have multiple copies of the CRM200 is because you farmed them before they received the Unique tag. Try doing it again now.

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