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11-29-2012, 11:10 PM
Nov. 30, 2012 patch notes

#1) The new fleet ships for Federation require a tier 5 shipyard but the new fleet ships for KDF require a tier 3 shipyard.

#2) Here is an example and it's the same for some other fleet ships "Only 1 fleet ship module if you have purchased the Sovereign refit."
The problem? This is NOT a discount! Never has been for any fleet ships that reduce the cost to 20k fleet credits and a single fleet ship module after buying a specific ship from the C-store first. Why? To buy the C-store ship first costs 2000-2500 Zen and the fleet ship module costs 500 Zen, for a total of 2500-3000 Zen. If you pay the 4 fleet ship modules without buying the C-store version first you're looking at a flat cost of 2000 Zen. This is a trick to fool people into buying MORE Zen to get the same ship all so they can save some fleet credits.

#3) The new 29th century uniform is going into the Lobi Store for 200 Lobi Crystals. As far as I know all Lobi Store items are single character only. If it was placed in the C-store it would probably cost 550 Zen like the rest and be an account unlock. Purchase once and that's it. But it would cost probably $15 in Zen for keys to open lockboxes up to maybe over $50 in Zen depending on how many Crystals you get per box. Even if you are extremely lucky and get the maximum crystals per box you are still paying more for the costume for a single character than if you purchased it for all characters from the C-store.

Edit: #4) I'm getting tired of seeing all these new cruisers and science ships. I prefer playing a tactical officer. 2 new fleet cruisers for a total of 3 that require shipyard tier 5, and they are the only shipyard tier 5 ships offered. (I'm talking Fed side. Could care less about KDF. Not enough content to even bother with it over there)

I was looking forward to this costume and planning on buying it with Zen but they've made themselves clear they won't be putting any new costumes/uniforms in the C-store anymore because they can make more money selling it to you more for 1 character. And if you want it for multiple characters you're looking at a good chunk of change.

Tired of this crap. For the time being, my decision to swing by my local Game Stop in December to buy my usual $40 or more in Zen cards for the month, have been canceled.
I went to the Delta Quadrant and the Kazon stole my stupid T-shirt. Also, my pet hamster that died when I was a kid is now a Kobali.

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