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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Rejoice?!? I have to spend 200 Lobi Crystals to unlock the uniform on each of my characters? That's awfully expensive!

What's the cheapest way to even get Lobi?

There's a link in the OP...
there is only one way as to get Lobi, that is to open lock boxes... So you have two choices.

A. Buy keys from the Z-Store (buy in packs of ten, they will save you a little zen)


B. Buy Keys from the exchange, last time I checked you can get them for a little under 2mil EC.

there is always the off chance that someone will sell the costume pack on the exchange, but Q only knows as to how much they will go for. think anyone who takes the time to get them from the Lobi Store, will use them for themselves before they ever go about selling them on the open market.

needed 200Lc for the Uniform at an adv. of 2mil EC per key and an base line of 4Lc per box, one would brake even somewhere around charging 100mil if my math is right

200/4=50*2,000,000=100,000,000  1340247645
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