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11-29-2012, 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Does this mean now that (IF our Foundry producer has time to do it) her awesomeness can add some long-requested assets like a transporter pad?

Make them shake their heads in disbelief! You go girl.
I mean, yeah, Zero always seems excited, but I am amazingly happy that out Foundry producer is always excited, but something about the ...

"A personal favorite of mine is the new NPC Group I added as an enemy type, Mugato. Honestly, it's my favorite because I learned how to add it all by myself. (It's like I'm a big kid now! Despite the head-shaking by the content team at my unorthodox methods.)"

Part of what she said that makes her excitement particularly infectious in this Blog.
You go Zero!
Make those other Devs shake their heads in disbelief at you !
Especially if you know how to add assets now.

If you add it, we will build with it, and you can play with it. Just, you know putting that out there

Seriously, I don't care what you add, yeah there's a list somewhere, I'm just excited that Zero's excited , like a kid gets excited, when she has a new toy to play with. Add stuff.

Just stuff.
Whatever you want.

YAY !!!!