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11-30-2012, 12:42 AM
Originally Posted by foundrelic View Post
I just wish it were an ACCOUNT unlock.

I LIKE the Wells Uniform. Clean lines and a nice official look, would have liked to get it once and have access to it on ALL of my toons.
This +1. It's only fair to do so for the people that paid good money (real or otherwise) to get these items. I seriously doubt it would hurt Cryptic's bottom line much to make them account bound. Same should extend to virtually all lobi unlocks, including lockbox starships.

The 29th Century uniforms should absolutely go into the C-(or is it Z-)Store as a tribute to Voyager fans who loved the Relativity episode, and as a little marketing lure to get people to try and grab a Wells from the boxes (do a limited weekend promotion for people who buy the uniform with zen to get a free key to try and get a Wells. Most likely it will fail given the slim odds, so they might be tempted to try again by getting more keys). If not now, then please move it (and the Temporal Jumpsuit) to the C-Store later sometime next year (perhaps when or if the Temporal boxes make a return appearance).