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11-30-2012, 12:46 AM
Crewman Enrique Muniz from DS9
Yeoman Janice Rand from TOS (later Master Chief Petty Officer Rand)
Petty Officer First Class Strath (ST:VI - The Undiscovered Country)
Petty Officer Zim Brott from DS9
Chief Petty Officer Sergey Rozhenko from TNG
All of the above are enlisted ranks (with O'Brien being Senior Chief Petty Officer) whether their rank pins were seen or not (as given in dialogue).

Personally, I'm not bothered by ranks below a toon's starting point (ensign) I really want higher ranks brought in to mix things up a bit.
Fleet Captain after Captain since we are likely to be highly decorated Captains given the shear number of battles we take part in.
Commodore after Fleet Captain as the first rank of line officer before the Amdiral ranks. I know Commodore fell out of use in Star Trek but there is no reason why, with Starfleet's swelling ranks, it would not be reintroduced.
I for one would not object to waiting two more ranks to be an Admiral... makes more sense than having a bunch of Admirals taking it to the Borg, Undine, Iconians, Remans, Breen, Romulans, True Way, Klingons, etc., etc., ad nauseum...

Just my 2 pence worth...