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Within the Frontier Fleet, we use the Sierra-1 uniform, several variants are allowed (each paying homage to one of the on-screen uniforms) depending upon the situation.

Type 1 (TNG homage) is the standard ship/base-board duty uniform
Type 2 (Early DS9/VOY) is the equivalent to combat or utility uniform--used on escorts and ground combat
Type 3 (late DS9/TNG movies) is not used in Frontier Fleet, but could easily be considered a "black ops" uniform
Type 4 (All Good Things) is the most obvious evolution of the "canon" version, we use it as our dress uniform.

There are a few rules we follow with regards to uniform wear. Mainly, "fleet rank = in-game rank" UP TO Captain. Admiral is reserved for fleet staff.

Silver combadge & rank is default, gold for staff.

The piping on the dress uniform (Type 4) is black, except for flag officers, who wear gold piping.

Of course, this is all a game... to each their own. But this works for us. It makes sense and gives us a sense of immersion without being completely restrictive.
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