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Hi all,

I realized there is a new Beam Weapon, I was so extemly happy. Sounds so cool: 360 arc and more DPS then a normal beam, downside is only Kinetic and this means nearly useless against Shields, but that is absolutely okay! This is the price for that good DPS value and the 8 Power consumption.

Then I realized that the system has many many restrictions:
This is the only weapon (not weapon console) which can`t be buffed by a BOFF Skill like BO1-3 or Target Subystems*. This would be a perfect weapon for everyone who want to use a Cannon Vesta build without losing the Target subystems abilty....
But NO, the designers desided to introdue a expensive weapon which is useless.

* Except the Harh Peng Torpedo, but this is not an energy weapon.

Then Okay, my thought was, well I can live with that, then mount 4 or more of them, but again only one is allowed. What the hell????

You give us a weapon which is only effective against Shield-less Targets, espcially Boss enemys are nearly never without the shields fully down, they regenerate so quickly. Which makes Cutting Beam useless. On the other Hand, if Borg are using them it is a Pain even with Shields are fully up.
And please don`t tell me about the Omega Weapon Ability, nobody will really notice that, a 2,5% chance proc for 3 seconds, that is wow...., what shall I write about it, the devs thinks that this makes the differencee. If you found some sarcasm, then you are right.

To be honest, I am so extremly disappointed about that Weapon, This is the most restricted and useless weapon ever.
Coolness Factor, oh yes definteley!
Useless factor YES and I mean a very very big YES, again here is why:
Useless when the target has shields up, which is 90% of the time.
Can not be combined with an BOFF skill, which could make this Beam very effective as soon the shiels are offline/down.
Only one per Ship.
Can?t becombined with FAW to shoot down heavy torpedos.

Every Turret is more effective, because the Turret can help bring down shields and hull.
Or use a normal beam bank, this can be combined with the existing BOFF skills or the additional Science-Ship-Target-Subsystem skills, even if the beam has only 250 arc.

OMG, remove the Cutting Beam completely or make it at least non unique. For this I am fine with removing the dumb 2,% Omega proc, which I believe makes this a unique weapon.
Or give this Beam access to the BOFF skills.

We are not idiots to mount a Beam, which has very good DPS at 125 energy level, but should only be fired when the shields are down, for probably ~6 seconds before the enemy Boss shields regenerate?
Think how often you see Donatra without shields...

Please give us an option to remove/unslott this project asap, because I slotted this project on my second char before I realized the (in)effectivness about that weapon.

However do something with the Cutting Beam weapon, this weapon is so ineffective, you (the devs) can do nearly nothing to make it more useless, except reducing the DPS.

It is better to use turrets, normal beams or torpedos then that toy weapon.
Yes it might be effective against nanite xyz targets, but every other weapon can use BOFF skills and is logically more effective. So what is the point?